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The Einstein Challenge

Do You Have Technology to Solve the World's Greatest Problems? Do You Meet the Einstein Challenge?

We help great entrepreneurs, working with great technology to solve the world's greatest problems from a Great British worldwide HQ. Our services are free as part of the Global Entrepreneur Programme. We open doors to investors and customers as well as strategic advice.

Einstein on Gandhi: "Generations to come will scarcely believe one such as this of flesh and blood walked this earth."

"How do we ensure the ideals of Gandhi are remembered by future generations? I invite thinkers, entrepreneurs and tech leaders to be at the forefront of spreading Gandhi’s ideas through innovation.

Let us work shoulder to shoulder to make our world prosperous and free from hate, violence and suffering. That is when we will fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dream, summed up in his favorite hymn, “Vaishnava Jana To,” which says that a true human is one who feels the pain of others, removes misery and is never arrogant."

Prime Minister of India

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Passion Led Us Here

The Global Entrepreneur Programme

Attacking the Greatest Problems

The British Government's Global Entrepreneur Programme was established to help the world's best entrepreneurs go global from the UK through the help of Dealmakers such as the founder of this site. It is a free service. One such Dealmaker has taken this idea to focus on the the greatest tech from around the world to solve the world's greatest problems through the Programme.

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Which Problems?

Which Technologies?

We concentrate on the following areas:

  • Female founders - the world needs more entrepreneurs, women are unjustly facing more obstacles than men

  • Technologies which make democracy more transparent and effective giving a voice to all

  • Environmental protection technologies

  • Medical tech which will save lives, especially of the most vulnerable in society

What the Global Entrepreneur Programme as a whole has so far achieved:

Committed to Tackle the Greatest Problems

  • Raised over £1 billion of private investment for companies (source UK Govt 2019)

  • Helped add more than £1 billion in market valuation of the companies since working with them

  • Raised investments, found key staff, made deals with customers, accessed government resources for exports


Success Stories

Companies We've Helped from accessing Government Resources, Angel/VC Funding, Staffing, Offices to Customers in Some Cases. All to Help them Scale.

Air for Life

AFL technology began in space with NASA in 1994 when NASA began planning for deep space exploration including proposed manned missions to Mars such as the "Constellation Mission Program", in 2013 which required sustaining life in space for months and years at a time. AFL uses the technology to provide clean air in public transport, hospitals, offices - anywhere there is a pollution problem. We helped them export globally thanks to the UK's International Trade Advisors, and advised on strategy and opening doors to potential customers.

Image by Kurt Cotoaga
Image by Karl Fredrickson

World Wide Generation

A sustainability fintech using blockchain to deliver the most ambitious project in human history, a global resolution to poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. It shows via dashboards where investments from NGOs, Governments and Corporates go and how the financial and impact returns are made in real time. All the while helping to achieve the United Nation's Social Development Goals.


Healthcare is an ever increasing cost on the public purse. Advatech facilitates 24-hour medical transport for governments, corporate organisations and individual clinics. The technology allows tracking of ambulances and logistics (eg pathology samples). By reducing costs, it ensures more people will have access to the types of care they need.

Holding baby’s hand_edited.jpg

Thinkerbell Labs

The Braille literacy rate around the world is abysmal. Literacy rate correlates to employability and affects the economy. Current solutions for teaching braille takes too long and is too expensive. Thinkerbell created Annie™ - the world’s first self-learning device for Braille literacy. It is packed with gamified and interactive content.


SMEs are the bulk of employment and growth provision in an economy. Women tend not to get the funding they need as entrepreneurs. This female founded business using AI/Algorithms to improve lending decisions and thereby potentially boost employment and growth through SMEs.

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Image by safal karki


Finboot uses blockchain to track and trace consumer goods supply chains to ensure safety of users and consumers, and monitoring sustainability practices in the supply chain.



We believe that it should never be your gender, age, race, religion, origin, sexuality or economic status that define your ability to perform at the highest level in your chosen line of work. And researchers around the world have proven time and time again that organisations that build truly diverse and inclusive teams achieve up to 30% better financial results. Aspire using non-bias recruitment via blockchain.

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$175m is the annual cost to the NHS of additional bed days due to slow diagnosis. 700,000 people are killed worldwide annually due to super-bugs.  Our technology is built on advances in glycan chemistry and quantum optics, packaged in an easy to use and scalable offering so bacteria is identified by proprietary nano-material labels.


By working with government we want to accelerate the success of these important technologies. By using our private equity background we can help companies accelerate their growth. This is all a free service, so we vet companies for us to focus on.

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Case Study

How World Wide Generation went from an idea on a piece of paper to an internationally recognised Fintech in just two years

"WWG’s project was first discussed in the House of Lords with one of the UK Government's Dept for International Trade's Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) Dealmakers; Alpesh Patel. In April 2017, I was approached by Alpesh with the exciting opportunity to join the GEP. Alpesh was one of the first to recognise the potential of WWG and the G17Eco platform we were building, even if at the time, it was still a drawing on a piece of paper." Read how WWG went on to meet the UK PM, and go global.

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Image by Tiago Rosado

Voxta joins Lord Mayor of London to India

One of the female founder led companies we've helped HQ in the UK is on the delegation to India to promote their technology to banks and other customer service orientated businesses

Inaugural  Talk at techXchange

The Government of India organised for a group of leading technology companies to see the UK offering. We presented to them in the inaugural speech the overview of why they should establish their technologies here and how we would then help them go global.

Image by Wonderlane

Moderating Lebanon-UK Tech Forum

The UK Minister for the Department for International Trade gave a keynote speech, after which we moderated the session with major UK and Lebanese tech companies on how to establish in the UK and best practice to scale and go global from here

WorldWideGeneration Profile by UK Government

The UK Government's Department for International Trade did a major promotion for one of our companies with our help. Such profile raising is important for fund raising and sales and the important message they have for how their tech changes the world.

Image by NASA

Looking for World Class Tech in South Korea

Through hosting a series of events at South Korean accelerators and entrepreneur events, we showcased how we help companies and technologies go global.

MoU with FICCI at Indian High Commission

The UK Government's Department for International Trade's Global Entrepreneur Programme we were instrumental in an MoU with FICCI at the Indian High Commission to help a pipeline of outstanding Indian tech companies work with our Programme.

UK India Alpesh Patel Signing MoU Entrepreneurship Technology
British consulate general Hong kong_edit

Hong Kong British Consulate General

Speaking to tech entrepreneurs to explain how and why to go global, the connections to venture capital and how to approach and find sources of capital, plus how to hire, how to export and how to structure expansion deals.

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Student in Library

I would certainly
recommend the significant help and
support the Global Entrepreneur
Programme’s team of experts are able
to provide technology businesses looking
to scale and grow internationally from
a UK hub.

Brent Hoberman, Founder of

Its team of Dealmakers
provides key advice and networks to
high-potential businesses and I’ve
experienced first hand the benefits
on offer. I know the entrepreneurs
concerned felt the Programme added
significant value.

Alex Van Someren, Partner at Amadeus Capital

I was especially impressed with the
quality of people who deliver the service
– who are all successful entrepreneurs
in their own right. Their passion for
helping other entrepreneurs succeed
is impressive and I look forward to
continue working with them in the future.

Alex McCracken, Silicon Valley Bank

Alpesh is full of energy, motivation, integrity and dedication. Alpesh changed the professional lives of many, including me. Without Alpesh's guidance, support, mentoring as a Dept for International Trade Dealmaker, it would never be possible for me to make Advatech Healthcare a Global brand with an HQ in London. I'm fortunate enough to have Alpesh Patel as an Advisor (unpaid) for Advatech Healthcare.

Samit Kumar Biswas, CEO Advatech

I guess if you spend your time mixing with senior investment bankers, business leaders, politicians and premiers you can probably say that you've got your finger on the pulse. Alpesh has a great grasp of global markets and in my experience is remarkably accurate at calling the market over the short-term. Great value and investors love his presentations.

Tim Clarke, Ionic Software

Mr. Alpesh Patel was a guest speaker at Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild Europe’s Annual Institutional Seminar, held in Luxembourg. His tailor made presentation on the outlook for global markets was witty, informative and extremely well received by the over 300 professionals present.

Dominique Dubois
Vice President, Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild Europe

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